HEALTH WATCH: Survey finds many new moms overlook their health after delivery

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Moms spend nine months making sure they’re healthy as their baby develops, but what about after delivery?

About 600,000 moms every year are newly diagnosed with postpartum depression in the U.S.

A new survey shows far too many of the new moms are struggling but overlooking their own health.

After having her first child, Rachael Kobb says she felt unprepared for how difficult those first few months could be.

“ Just thinking about how people have been doing this forever, and it’s this shared experience  that everyone has, yet I felt so lonely and don’t know how to ask for help,” said Rachael Kobb.

A new national survey by Orlando Health finds more than a quarter of women did not have a plan in place for their own health management in the weeks following delivery, while over 40 percent said they felt overwhelmed or depressed.

There is help in our area for moms who are battling postpartum depression. The Georgia Chapter of Postpartum Support International has resources for you. You can call (470)798-0088.

Columbus mom Mariah Goforth shared her triumph over postpartum depression with WRBL News 3 in 2018. To see her story click here

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