HEALTH WATCH: American Heart Association urging more people to learn CPR

Health Watch

Looking for a family project this summer?

The American Heart Association hopes you’ll add learning CPR to your list.

Every year, 350,000 Americans will suffer sudden cardiac arrest. Health experts say anyone of us can boost their odds of  survival by learning CPR.

Kelly Mitchell is the Senior Regional Director for the American Heart Association.  She says over 11,000 people in the Columbus area have been trained in hands-only CPR but there’s always room for more, because it works.

70 percent of cardiac arrests occur outside of the hospital and in the home. 90 percent of those are fatal, said Mitchell.

Many businesses have an AED available or automated external defibrillator which is a portable device that delivers an electric shock through the chest to the heart. Employees should know where it’s located and who’s trained to use it.

Anyone interested in learning CPR can click here

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