HEALTH WATCH: Daughter decides to give her mother one of her kidneys

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A Columbus woman is counting down the days until March 26. That’s when her life and that of her daughter will change significantly.

Vonda Dukes gave life to her daughter Akeevia and now Akeevia is making a sacrifice that will save her mother’s life. Vonda is suffering from kidney failure, something she blames on  too much ibuprofen for migraines and high blood pressure she says she didn’t know she had until her health started to decline noticeably five years ago.

“I started having headaches, my blood pressure was very high, weak, shortness of breath, and I was gaining a lot of weight,.” said Vonda Dukes.

She’s been on the transplant list for four years, but she was concerned about the person who offered up a kidney, her daughter Akeevia.

“She always told me no. When I had her (baby) this year, I decided to go google some information and I signed up myself to do the process and I told her afterwards I had signed up, that I was going through to be a donor to her,” said Akeevia Gardner.

Vonda and Akeevia will have the surgery at Emory in Atlanta. They’re asking for prayers and support. To learn how you can help the mother and daughter, click here

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