HEALTH WATCH: Suicide was third leading cause of death among students in Georgia in 2018

Health Watch

Suicide was the third leading cause of death in Georgia in 2018 among students ages 15 to 24.

In a Georgia student health survey, 11,573 middle and high school students were asked anonymously if they had ever attempted suicide. Of the respondents, 6 percent, or 664 of the youth reported they had attempted suicide in the past 12 months.

The Muscogee County School District’s Project Aware is spending the week raising awareness and trying to reduce the stigma associated with mental health diagnoses.

As part of the effort, Dr. Kenya Gilmore, the director of Project Aware, scheduled a showing of the documentary “Suicide, The Ripple Effect” at Carver High School Tuesday evening. The film chronicles the life of Kevin Hines, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, who in the year 2000, jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to end his life. He says the moment he jumped he realized he wanted to live. Hines has devoted his life to raising awareness about mental illness and preventing suicides. He led the effort to get a suicide net installed on the Golden Gate Bridge, the world’s most popular suicide site.

Signs someone may be considering suicide:

Losing interest in activities and not replacing it with others

Losing/Gaining weight

Sense of hopelessness

Making comments about being a burden

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline number is 1-800-273-8255.

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