HEALTH WATCH:Doctor and Columbus native seeks to motivate teens into becoming healthier beings

A primary care physician at Emory in Atlanta and Columbus native wants to help teens tap into their healthier selves.

Dr. Kela Henry has been practicing family medicine for nearly 16 years. Dr. Henry returned recently to her roots in the Chattahoochee valley area to tout her new book, “Nia & The Numbers Game: A Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex.”

“Unfortunately I have met several young women who have become pregnant during their teenage years and when their mother brings them in after she discovers that the young lady has lost her virginity you can generally cut that tension with a knife and I can tell that often there hadn’t been much of a discussion about sexual activity and those consequences,” said Dr. Henry.

When it comes to the overall health of teens, Dr. Henry says parents are the model oftentimes for what their children do and those decisions could impact their physical and mental health.

“So what are you modeling for your kids? And then let’s it down with them and let’s talk about the realities of a relationship and what that’s really like and what that really means as opposed to just the fantasy of a relationship that’s being promoted in the media,” said Dr. Henry.

Dr. Henry is also concerned about obesity in teens, citing they can mimic some of the same conditions adults have from poor eating habits.

“High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea. You won’t believe this but one of, the worst case I knew of was a 16-year old who had a heart attack due to his obesity,” said Dr. Henry.

Dr. Henry says parents should set better examples and their kids will follow.

To learn more about her book, click here. 

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