A Harris County Man is making a reusable fabric that can be used to combat COVID-19


A Harris County man is making a reusable fabric that can be used to make personal protective gear against the coronavirus. Shawn Altman says after hearing concerns about the lack of necessary healthcare supplies worldwide he started brainstorming different ways he could help.

Altman is the vice president of operations for a textile company in Taylor County. He says he met with his team to see how they can make personal protective equipment to protect someone against coronavirus.

“We looked at the formulation of water repellency. We know that was a big one and also antimicrobial is another big one. We just came up with a color we thought would look good in a hospital. You know, we can actually dye it different colors if we wanted to,” Altman said.

Altman says after testing the product, he recommends it only be washed up to five times. He says in one shift his team can manufacture enough material to produce up to 10,000 gowns. He says the problem for him isn’t making the fabric, it’s finding someone to take it off his hands.

“I wanna get this out there. I feel good about the product and it makes me good to know that we’re helping people. I’m frustrated because we just need to get a home for it and you know there’s a lot of red tape with that so we’re trying to work through that,” Altman said.

Altman says he’s received several calls from companies around West Central Georgia interested in using the fabric to make gowns, masks, or slippers that could be used in a hospital. He says if things pick up he’d even look into hiring more employees.

“Dyeing and prepping, I can do about 35,000 yards a day with the crew I have. If we have to pass into finishing. We’re looking about 25,000 yards, so I will hire at least an additional 10 people to go on a night shift and we can do 50,000 yards,” Altman said.

Right now, there are around 50 people working at the plant. Altman says by doing this he’s sees it as a way to help the workforce and the country.

Altman says the product is made mostly of materials here in Georgia. If you would like to purchase a gown made from this material they are available at https://www.armageddongear.com/. To learn more about the fabric and how to purchase any you can contact MF&H Textiles at (478)862-5423.

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