Sumter County, Georgia (WRBL) The coronavirus is changing the way residents think and live in Americus with a simple click of a button.

“This is an initiative with our Emergency Management team with Sumter County and our organization got involve to help facilitate the different community partners come in together to kind of work on this,” says Ivy Oliver, One Sumter Economic Development Executive Director.

MaskUpSumter is a community initiative that’s gaining a lot of attention.

“We just hit about 1,200 likes in a very small time so we’ve gained a lot of traction from that standpoint and we’re proud of that and we’ve got several community members that are working to keep getting that information out,” says Oliver.

To better assist with residents, the campaign has provided 8 different locations where people can pick up a free mask.

Lately, business has been booming at T31 Clothing Store. Elena Carne’ supports the initiative and decided to turn her business into a factory.

“Right now we’ve donated 1,000 and we’re producing more because we want to make sure we fulfill the order we have and all of the donations we’ve been making,” says Elena Carne’ Founder and Designer of T31 Clothing Store.

With thousands of masks already donated, through the help of local organizations and businesses. Carne’ says she’s not stopping the process anytime soon.

“We want to keep supporting and I feel like everybody needs to wear a face mask when you are out. There are regulations the CDC has and we can set an example for other cities and other states as well,” says Carne’.

Wearing a mask is the best tool to have when Protecting yourself and others.

“If we can wear a mask, that will help keep our community safe, keep our citizens healthy, and help keep the doors of our businesses open then that’s a small step I think we can take,” says Oliver.

Pick up your FREE MASKS at any of the following locations during their normal business hours:

🔹 Rees Park Economic Development Center
🔹 Americus Visitor’s Center
🔹 Americus Times-Recorder
🔹 Sumter County Health Department
🔹 DeSoto City Hall
🔹 Andersonville City Hall
🔹 Leslie City Hall
🔹 Plains City Hall