If you see a burst of color on a Second Avenue building in downtown Columbus, it’s because a Charlotte artist has been sheltering in place in her hometown.

Evelyn Henson has done two confetti themed murals in North Carolina that have gained social media acclaim.

She has turned the side of a downtown building owned by her father, Columbus attorney Ken Henson, into her latest piece of public art.

It’s colorful with one goal: Bring a little sunshine during a troubled time.

“With public art, I always think about what’s going to stop someone in their everyday life and bring them a bit of joy they can carry with them throughout the day,” Henson said. “I usually start with color because color is scientifically proven to bring joy.”

She has also found joy working for her father on this project.

“I have enjoyed being back here and put a piece of art where I grew up,” she said. “And it’s been great to work with my dad, as well.”

Her work can be found on social media under the hashtag #confettisunshinewall.

If you want to see it in person, the best view is going north on Second Avenue just past 12th Street. Just look out the left side of your car. You can’t miss it.