COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – We’re less than a week away from Christmas and many states are seeing a huge surge in COVID-19 cases. So where does Muscogee County stand ahead of the Holidays?

Public Relations and Information Coordinator for the West Central Health District Pamela Kirkland who says our case numbers are doing something unusual.

Last week Muscogee County went from 233 cases to 259 cases last Monday, but now Kirkland said we’re once again back down.

“Last week we were at 233 in Muscogee County, then we went up to 259 on Monday and now we’re down again to two and some change,” said Kirkland. “So ya know it’s like a yoyo because we’re seeing them down and then up and then down again in the course of one week. So it’s really kind of unusual, but there’s several counties that are also showing that same trend.”

Kirkland said some of the yoyoing trend in case numbers could be due to the Thanksgiving holiday influx, but she believes that spike would have come earlier in December. However, she said being out and about to get holiday shopping done or attend holiday events could be impacting the case numbers.

When asked about a concern of a spike in new cases after the holidays Kirkland said she’s not sure what to expect and says our area hasn’t seen a big spike in cases following a Holiday the last several holidays, which is quite different from what we saw last year.