Columbus, Georgia (WRBL) Parents have started their Summer by sending their kids back to parks after Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson lifted restrictions on city playgrounds last week.

Parents enjoyed the warm weather this afternoon with their kids at Cooper Creek Park and Harmony Park near the Riverwalk.

Signs were posted reminding parents that playground areas are not sanitized before letting kids play. Everyone at the park monitored their social distancing.

News 3 spoke with one parent who says she’s glad the amenities are back open, but she remains cautious.

“This is the first time they been on a playground since March since the shelter in place so school closing, but we’re excited they are back open. We think it’s low-risk, but we’re concerned and we’re telling them if anybody else comes we’ll probably leave. We’re going to be careful with hand sanitizer, but they are going crazy at home so we had to do something,” says Brynn Dillon Parent.

Dillon says she keeps wipes and sanitizers nearby after her kids are done playing on public property.