Therapist offers five suggestions to encourage your children to wear masks


(CNN)- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is calling on all Americans to wear face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19, but getting children to wear masks is often easier said than done. 

Whether it’s getting them on, or keeping them on, kids and face coverings aren’t an easy mix.  

“We need to have realistic expectations with kids,” said Jody Baumstein, a therapist with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  

Therapist Jody Baumstein says there are five ways that can help. 

First: have a simple and age-appropriate conversation with your child. 

Just being really honest with them and encouraging them to do it by talking to them about the benefits rather than persuading them or forcing them,” said Baumstein. 

Second:  make them part of the process — allow them to choose their mask or decorate it. 

“That helps them get excited about it. it gives them a sense of ownership,” said Baumstein. 

Third: let them practice wearing and putting on a face covering. 

“Give them fabric and let them put masks on stuffed animals and try to just have fun with it. Don’t take it too seriously,” said Baumstein.  

Fourth: give gentle reminders and not just verbally.  Let them see you wearing a mask. 

“That helps them to realize this is something you take seriously and you’re really consistent with it,” said Baumstein. 

FINALLY: Know your child and ask open-ended questions to understand why they might have trouble wearing a mask. 

“Just validate their concern let them know you understand and then work with them on problem solving around it,” said Baumstein.  

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