Do you know your cell phone’s SAR?


GSMA, or Global System for Mobile Communications, says there are now over 5.13 Billion people with mobile devices worldwide. 

To date, the debate over whether the radio frequency or RF waves from cell phone use increases one’s risk of cancer, remains unsettled. Cell phone manuals warn against holding the devices next to your ear. 

Cell phone manuals warn against holding phone to ear

Dr. Robert Taylor is a radiation oncologist at the Callaway Cancer Center at Wellstar in LaGrange. Does he believe cell phone use causes tumors?

“In my opinion it does not and the reason why is the evidence so far has not shown definitively that there is any linkage. There has been one study which showed some evidence that possibly could link it,” said Dr. Taylor.

That study followed people who held their cell phones up to their ears for 10 to 12 hours. It found this group might have a higher risk of primary brain tumors but even this study was fraught with controversy.

“The scientists there even wrote in their own papers that they weren’t sure whether these results were correct based on the memory of the people and the amount of data they had to collect from them,” said Dr. Taylor.

If you’re still concerned, the National Center for Health Research suggests limiting the number of calls you make, limit the length of your calls, use a  hands-free device or speaker mode, and check out how much radiation your phone emits by looking at its SAR or specific absorption rate. The lower the number, the better for you.

“Around 1 to 1.25 is around the average right now. So if you find something that’s lower than that then that’s a better and you can compare different cell phones and see if you’re thinking about one brand versus another,” said Dr. Taylor.

You can check your phone’s SAR level by going to the manufacturer’s website.

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