HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) — The Harris County Health Department is home to a new piece of technology that makes COVID-19 testing available 24/7.

The Georgia Department of Public Health rolled out 10 testing kiosks across the state; one sits at the entrance of the Harris County Health Department. 

The cost-free PCR test takes less than 15 minutes. Users can either pre-register online (not required) or register at the kiosk.

Those who pre-register will have a QCR code to scan at the kiosk. Those who don’t are able to fill out their contact information on the touch screen kiosk.

After completing registration, a test kit will be dispensed. The kit includes a nasal swab and instructions on how to complete the test.

The specimen bags are picked up daily and sent to a lab for PCR testing. Results are sent via text or email. 

The West Central Health District says those results are typically ready within 48 hours. 

The testing kiosk means no time spent in a waiting room and no appointment necessary. 

The Health Department says these self tests are helping ease the burden on healthcare workers, especially as they ramp up testing and vaccines for monkeypox. 

The Harris County Health Department is located at 210 Forest Hill Drive, Hamilton.