Piedmont Columbus Regional launches Epic Electronic Medical Records System


Yesterday, Piedmont Columbus Regional launched a new medical records system with Epic, the most widely-used and comprehensive health records system in the United States, say Piedmont officials..

Piedmont says the new records system will “provide a platform for integrated care and ensure patients have convenient digital access to their health information.”

The new system works by storing patient information and records across all of the Piedmont Healthcare sites through an electronic medical chart. This chart is comprehensive and stored by Epic, allowing any healthcare provider in the Piedmont system to access the information.

Putting the new system in “represents an investment of $30 million by Piedmont Healthcare.”

The new system has launched at Piedmont Columbus Regional campuses, Midtown, Northside and the John B. Amos Cancer Center, 30 Piedmont physician’s offices and two Piedmont Urgent Care locations, following close to a year of preparation.

200 volunteers from other Piedmont hospitals helped with the launch, and 2,000 clinicians and hospital staff were locally trained.

“We are pleased and excited to offer a new level of convenience to our patients for their healthcare needs,” said Scott Hill, Chief Executive Officer of Piedmont Columbus Regional. “Doctors will now be able to pull up a patient’s medical history quickly and know about current medications, allergies and other essential patient information. That kind of transparency and communication is crucial to caring for our patients and helping them stay healthy.”

The Epic system, called MyChart, is now available for local patients and their designated caregivers, allowing patients to “communicate with their providers, schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, and more.” Patients can even schedule appointments for Piedmont Urgent Care on-the-go through the app.

“The convenience of MyChart is a game-changer for our patients across our service area,” said Bill Brouwer, president, Piedmont Columbus Regional Medical Group. “They’ll be able to check on their latest test results and make online appointments as easily as they can check the weather on their phone. It gives our patients the tools they need to be active participants in their own wellness.”

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