GEORGIA (WRBL)— In less than two weeks, AT&T customers nationally can expect quicker response times when dialing 911.

The national telecommunications company is implementing their newest 911 upgrades that will reduce the location radius by miles.

The “Locate Before Route” has already began launching across the country. The upgrade has switched its resources for location services from the traditional use of cell towers, to GPS and hybrid information provided by a mobile device.

According to AT&T, 80% of 911 calls are made by mobile devices. Celeste Boyd-Spear, AT&T Vice President and General Manager for Southeast States, shares with News 3 importance in incorporating this new feature.

“I’m proud to work for the company that did it first… it is so important to the lives of our customers, but also of citizens in whole. Being the carrier that also is the only carrier that provides FirstNet services to our first responders, it really goes hand-in-hand, and it makes sense. I’m just very proud of the fact that we are doing what is right, and we continue to do what is right for the community,” she shares.

FirstNet is also an AT&T specific program that works with first responders in the event of an emergency. When there is a crowd in the network or a natural disaster, FirstNet gives network priority to first responders.

When routing a call based off of the location of cell towers, there is a 10-mile radius where the call could be coming from. The upgrade will reduce that 10-mile radius to a 0.03-mile radius. Boyd-Spear explains the importance of the natural reduction in response time.

“You talk about going from 10 miles, because it has to locate you today from a wireless device by a cell tower, now going down to half the size of a football field. So, it’s reducing the amount of time that people take to figure out where you are so that they can get to you much faster and ultimately help to save lives… The technology is important to save lives. It is absolutely important to save lives and to help our first responders who are out there trying to really help and service our community,” she says.

Although this service is specific to AT&T customers, it it not specific to certain devices to ensure that AT&T customer gets the same response times and benefits no matter what device they use.

The location-based routing will automatically work on all mobile devices through AT&T.