SMITHS STATION, Ala. (WRBL) – When first responders leave Smiths Station Volunteer Fire and Rescue, their mission is to get to you in an emergency safely and quickly. This Holiday, first responders are asking families for a simple gift. Please, make sure your address is clearly labeled and visible on your mailbox.

“It’s ou biggest frustration. When we can’t find you, we can’t help you. Sometimes those extra minutes can make a big difference in the outcome. If it’s a medical call or a fire. A kitchen stove fire can go to a house fire in just a few minutes. A medical call can become much more serious in a few minutes, so it helps if your home is well-marked,” said Deputy Chief Daniel Sexton.

This Holiday Season, Smiths Station Fire and Rescue posted this to Facebook – “All we want for Christmas is numbers on your mailbox,” More specifically, they ask all families to place three-inch reflective numbers on a reflective mount and secure it to your mailbox or near your driveway’s entrance.

“It’s quick to do. It’s fairly inexpensive. You can buy safety label mailbox kits at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Amazon, all sorts of stores have them. For ten, $15-dollars or less, you can have this on your property and help make sure we find you in an emergency,” said Sexton.

Chief Deputy Sexton says the 20 or so department volunteers train to know every inch of the 35-square miles they cover. Still, adequately marked homes are vital in emergencies and take the guesswork out of an already stressful situation.

“We know it pretty well, but there is always that one home that stumps us; it could be a house with a long driveway that we are not sure if a house is there or if it leads to hunting property. Thinks like that,” said Sexton.

Smiths Station Fire and Rescue is dedicated to serving the 32,000 residents in Smiths Station. It’s a volunteer job they do because they care. So please, help them, help you.