COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – A historical marker was unveiled Saturday afternoon in honor of veterans from Columbus who served in WWI.

The plaque was placed in front of the A.J. McClung Memorial Stadium. The historical marker contains the results of recent research into the names of those local citizens who died in WWI.

Historian and researcher, Kenneth H. Thomas Jr., found 43 additional names of Columbus citizens who sacrificed their lives in the war. Members of American Legion Post 35 were in the audience as their namesake, Charles S. Harrison, was one of the WWI veterans from the Fountain City.

Being that Columbus is a military town, it was extremely important to the researchers that accuracy be at the forefront of their work.

This project was a team effort with the help of researchers and donors. These collaborators hope the public understands the history behind the war and why this marker is so important to the community. 

“I think it will remind people about WWI,” said Thomas. “A lot of people have forgotten about the great war, and what it meant, and how it was the first international war that Americans had to participate in. And that’s a big deal.”

City Councilor John House and Columbus Mayor B.H. Henderson spoke to the crowd about the history of WWI and why this plaque is so monumental in the city’s history.

Columbus City Council authorized construction of memorial stadium in 1925 as a tribute for the local citizens who served and died during WWI. The marker serves as an extension of that tribute and recognizes the patriotism and history behind the international war.