Hogansville Ga. (WRBL) – Pedal Forward, a non-profit community bike shop, partnered with the Holland M. Ware Foundation to raise $15,000. They put the funds towards new shoes for the students of Hogansville Elementary.

Emiee Abraham, Pedal Forward’s Founder, told WRBL about how the event came together.

“Every year our organization, Pedal Forward, puts together something called stock the school,” said Abraham. “And we basically raise funds and raise school supplies to stock our elementary school here in Hogansville to see the kids through the year. And this year we decided we wanted to incorporate shoes and socks with the school supplies.”

Gina Turner, the Principal of Hogansville Elementary, Told WRBL how happy she was for her students.

“You can tell from the reaction from the students they love they’re actually in love with the shoes,” Said Turner. “A lot of our students can’t really afford name brand shoes, so it’s just really exciting for them. And where just glad to have them in great tennis shoes. That’s important not only athletics, were in the gym with athletics going on right now, but also just great shoes for their feet.”

Each student had their feet measured for a pair of New Balance shoes and socks. Today, they received them during a presentation at the school’s gymnasium. News 3 talked to some excited students about their plans for their new shoes.

Kanarrius Carter says he plans to wear his shoes to, “Probably Play basketball and go to the fair.”

Kingston Paige said, “I like my shoes, they are the best thing that’s happened in my life.”