In 2019, Georgia ranked number 1 in the nation for teen dating violence. Hope Harbour and Columbus State University are teaming up to give students an open space to discuss this type of violence.

Students were split into groups to discuss different scenarios of what determines a healthy or unhealthy relationship. They also shared stories of what they’ve experienced. Chrissy Redmond with Hope Harbour says this is the second year they’ve held the event.

She came up with the idea while attending Columbus State University. Redmond says she saw this as an opportunity to help students better communicate with each other.

“We know that women ages 18 to 24 are at the highest risk of being abused by their partners. A lot of college students don’t know how to handle situations of violence. They don’t know what signs to look for, how to help their friends, so just educating students as well as faculty and staff on all of those things so they can know how to better their college campus and the Columbus community as a whole,” Redmond said.

Redmond says Hope Harbour will be hosting events to bring awareness to Teen Dating Violence Awareness month. Counseling was also offered to students and faculty members in a separate room.