House of Heroes help restore a 97-year-old house

William Brooks House of heroes

William Brooks House of heroes

PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WRBL) – A man living in a house built by his grandfather reached out to House of Heroes for their help in restoring his family home.

Navy Veteran William Brooks is keeping a family tradition on track by living in the home his grandfather built in 1929. Brooks’s grandparents, parents and sister all lived in the house after each other. Brook’s sister was the last person to live in the house. After his sister died, the house was turned into a storage shed for a few years, until Brooks decided it was his turn to live in the house.

Brooks said living in this house brings back so many memories.

“Oh gosh, so many, I don’t even know where to start. Sometimes I think I see my parents looking down the hall,” Brooks said. “It brings a lot of memories from my childhood, visiting my grandparents when they were alive. Visiting my parents, its got a boatload of memories.”

Since living in the house Brooks feels the house could use some renovations. Brooks suffers from an artery disease in his leg so he is unable to do everything on his own. He’s had 13 surgeries on his leg and open heart surgery. Brooks told News 3 the doctors don’t think they can do much more for him.

“They’ve done so many operations they can’t do much more. I have an aneurysm in one of my legs and that’s what we’re going to try and fix. It’s been operated on so many times, they’re just limited to what they can do. So we’re hoping for the best,” Brooks said.

Brooks reached out to House of Heroes and asked for their assistance in painting his house. After reaching out, Brooks said he got a phone call one day from House of Heroes asking if he would like for them to paint his house.

“It makes me feel real good, the House of Heroes I saw them on your news channel one day. They we’re giving food out to veterans back when COVID was just ramping up. They sent me a form in the mail asking what kind of help do I need,” Brooks said.

A few weeks later Brooks got a phone call asking if he would like for his house to be painted. Brooks plans on having his house painted blue again once he gets out of the hospital.

Brooks told News 3 he hopes to live long enough to see all of the renovations completed and he hopes his children keep the house in the family.

“At least keep it in the family and keep it up, don’t make a storage shed out of it. We had boxes stacked up to the ceiling. The first day I walked in here I thought I already made a bad mistake, this is more than I can handle,” Brooks said.

Brooks believes if his parents were still alive they’d be extremely proud that he’s living in the house. He also said he and his parents loved the back yard.

“It’s got a real nice backyard, a bunch of pecan trees. It goes all the way to River Road, a lot of woods back there,” Brooks said.

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