COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — It was a big day for an iconic Columbus landmark.

Kadie the Cow – a Columbus fixture since 1967 – has a new home on Bay Avenue along a beautiful and busy stretch of the Chattahoochee Riverbank.

She took quite the trip Tuesday.

“Tuesday, November 29th is Cow moving day,” said Wes Kelley, Vice President, Brasfield & Gorrie.

That it was. Kadie the Cow – a piece of the fabric of Columbus for 55 years – was moved from the old Kinnett Dairies location to a new spot downtown.

And anyone who has been in Columbus for any time has a Kadie story, even Kelley, a 1996 Hardaway High grad.

“I was telling somebody earlier that I remember getting Krystal hamburgers and coming up here in high school and having dates on a blanket in front of Kadie,” Kelley said.

It’s not every day you move a 20-foot high, 2,300-pound fiberglass cow.

“The big crane is going to pick her straight up,” Kelley said. “The helper is going to grab her by her feet and lay her over. They are going to back the truck up and just lay her down straight on the back of the truck. … Kadie is going to be taking a nap.”

The original plan – and we are not kidding — was to airlift Kadie downtown via helicopter.

“We asked the FAA to review our flight plan,” Kelley said. “And they didn’t like it.”

Since Kadie was grounded, LGOP Trucking – Little Group of Paratroopers – was brought in. You needed former soldiers for this job.

The fiberglass cow was a first.

Reporter: Have y’all ever moved a fiberglass cow?

Mike Ascott said: “Once before … No. Never.

Carmello Rodriguez chimed in: “It’s going to be interesting.”

They did have concerns.

“Our biggest concern is the rough ride,” Ascott said. “The brittleness of the fiberglass is what we are concerned most about.”

That’s where eight of Columbus’ finest enter the plan.

“The issue is traffic,” said Lt. Fred Carnes of the Columbus Police Department. “The fragility of the cow. And citizens being in the way, getting hit by an extended leg or something or pulling out and damaging the trucks, or Kadie the Cow, or worse yet, injuring a worker.”

Everything was in place and it was time for Kadie to hit the road.

Down Manchester Expressway. Hard left on Second Avenue. Past a bunch of students at Downtown Elementary School and St. Luke.

Hard right onto 10th Street. Hard right onto Bay Avenue.

Kadie’s new home.

“We made it,” Kelley said.

And Ascott added, “It’s still in one piece.”

“That’s all we wanted,” Kelley said.

It didn’t take long to get Kadie off the trailer and into her new spot. And Bob Kinnett, whose father brought Kadie to Columbus in 1967 could not be happier.

Bob Kinnett/Former Kinnett Dairy executive

“Like somebody said, a wedding day is just a day. It’s a marriage that’s important. So, this is just a day. The time down on the river is going to be important.”

He wasn’t the only one enjoying the moment.

So is 3-year-old Garrett.

“I like cows,” he said. “And dinosaurs.”

Uptown Columbus Inc. facilitaed this move. The city owns Kadie and private funds will be used to fix her up.

Over the next few months, PTAP and Richie Rich Paint and Body will be fixing up Kadie.