Improving Communication in Your Personal and Professional Relationships


We all use words to communicate our thoughts and feelings but it’s actually our nonverbal communication which speaks the loudest.   

The gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, posture and even our tone of voice relays messages.  

Understanding how this nonverbal communication or body language works, will help not only in the boardroom or in front of an audiencem, but also in dealing with our children.  

Many of us grew up listening to advice from parents and other adults on how to be ourselves and to be confident in dealing with other people.  

Communication Expert Joe Yazbeck says that advice still holds true today.

 “Be interested, be natural, be expressive and don’t think so much but your body language will be comfortable and confident if you are comfortable and confident.”

Being comfortable and confident isn’t just for the boardroom or when speaking in front of an audience.  It’s also important when dealing with your children. 

 “One of the main violations is unnecessary control.  You want positive, acceptable control but you want to have a child feel safe and communicate no matter what it is.”

Yazbeck says one powerful tip is to make sure your child knows you’re paying attention and you’re hearing them.  

  “Let them know by a nod. ‘I see what you’re saying.’ ‘Thank you for telling me’ or ‘I understand,’ or ‘Oh my goodness, isn’t that interesting?’  Something that lets them know you hear them or something that encourages them to continue to communicate like ‘Isn’t that something? Tell me more.’  You’re letting them know you’re safe to talk to.  Parents need to know this and that’s the key.”

Yazbeck says being a good listener and observing isn’t just good advice for parents, it’s also important for when you’re the one speaking. 

 “Have a one on one conversation.  Don’t talk as if you’re talking at them and this is a prepared robotic speech.”

Another tip:  Never underestimate the power of the pause.  Yazbeck says pausing when you’re speaking gets the attention of the listener and lets them know something important is being said. 

Yazbeck says it all comes down to “Give and Take.”  As well as remembering that in both our personal and professional lives, our actions truly do speak louder than words. 

For more information on how to become a better listener or a better speaker, click here:

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