INSPIRING: Role models greet young men with cheers as they return to school


As the young men of Eddy Middle School were coming through the doors Friday morning they were flooded by a slew of handclaps and cheers. You may be wondering…why? Well, the reason is simple –to show at-risk youth there are men out here who have their back. 

Two local organizations —Support Teen Youth, Inc. and N-Spire Tomorrow’s Future were the masterminds behind this event. From cheering people on as they got out of the car to inspiring messages on poster boards…the men say the main message on their mind was spreading positivity.

“Today we wanted to show them that there are good men out there. There are guys that’s willing to step up to the plate and be that big brother figure, that father figure, that uncle figure whatever they need. So today we wanted to show them, man, there are guys out here for us. Guys out here that support us” says Marcus Gibson director of Support Teen Youth Inc. 

Now both Gibson and Jonathan Mays say their organizations are all about helping at-risk youth. They plan on doing this at other schools but really wanted to start with kids in middle school. They say the earlier you can begin impacting someone’s life — the better. 

“A lot of things are visual. I mean if they see it, sometimes they can internalize it. And hopefully, that will inspire them…that’s the meaning behind putting those words on the cards,” Mays, Founder of N-Spire Tomorrow’s Future.

The men say it’s about helping those kids who may have grown up without a father figure or male guidance in their life and showing them that they don’t have to let those circumstances dictate their life in a negative way. 

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