COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — With those accused of killing his daughter moving toward a likely trial before the end of the year, Kamarie Holland’s father, Corey Holland, is speaking out. 

Jeremy Williams is facing the death penalty if convicted of the rape and murder of 5-year-old Kamarie in December. The girl’s mother, Kristy Siple, is facing life in prison for her alleged role. 

Corey Holland is still coping with what happened to his daughter on December 13, 2021, and now he’s looking for justice for Kamarie. 

Holland has a message for Williams and Siple. Ask Holland what justice looks like and he gives a long sigh before answering the question.

“Well. Justice would be my daughter would be here,” Holland said. “That’s my justice. But since this happened, true justice would be, pretty much, them not here anymore. My daughter is not here. They shouldn’t be here.” 

Right now, Williams and Siple sit in the Russell County jail. 

In addition to murder, Williams and Siple are both accused of human sex trafficking. The indictment alleges that Siple took cash in exchange for allowing her daughter to go with Williams. 

He has a message for Siple.

“They wanted you to protect them,” Holland said. “Whatever little time you have with they wanted you to love them. And you let them down. I didn’t let them down, you let them down.” 

Holland and Siple had two children together. 

Williams has entered a not guilty plea because of a mental disease or defect. He has been ordered to undergo psychological testing. Holland has an online petition trying to change the Alabama law that allows Williams to use that defense. 

The petition with nearly 2,000 signatures is more about support than changing a law he knows likely can’t be changed. 

“Even if nothing can come from behind it, I still love the support and everything,” he said. “And I want to pretty much show the judge and everything that Kamarie was loved. And everybody’s family has a Kamarie.” 

Horrific details have come out about the crime, including some of the alleged crimes that may have been recorded, according to the indictment. Williams is charged with the production of child pornography. 

Corey Holland/Kamarie Holland’s fonder how people could do certain stuff. I know ain’t nobody perfect and everything, but there is just certain stuff in life you can’t imagine and nobody would do. Clearly, what happened with my daughter is one of the worst things imaginable.”