COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Over 50 kayakers made their way to Columbus, competing to represent Team U.S.A. in the upcoming World Freestyle Championships.

With only 24 spots open, everything was on the line.  

Veteran kayaker, Clay Wright, says growing up on the water with today’s competitors makes representing your country that much better. 

“Not only are you competing in front of in your home country, the world comes to you, but all your friends and family and a lot of the people you grew up kayaking with and people who trained you are going to be here to watch,” said Wright. “So it’s so fun to perform for your home team.”

The 2023 World Championship will take place on the Chattahoochee River, which is the longest urban whitewater course in the world. The trial weekend ended with both the male and female junior and senior team selections. 

 For 15-year-old Makinley Kate Hargrove, kayaking serves as her outlet. She says it’s a sport and hobby that has no limits. 

“Kayaking is a sport that everyone can do,” said Hargrove. “It goes for my little brother, who is nine, to all the way up to my dad. So it’s different skill levels so everyone can be out there having a good time. It’s also a way that you can visually express yourself to be out there trying new things that none of the people would have thought to try before.”

The Championships are sanctioned by the International Canoe Federation and will take place in Columbus from Oct. 9-14.  

The results for the 2023 U.S. Freestyle World Championships Team Trials are:

C1 Men Finals Results:

  1. Landon Miller
  2. Dane Jackson
  3. Jordan Poffenberger
  4. Seth Chapelle
  5. Dan Burke
  6. Brian Miller

C1 Women Final Results

  1. Holly Reppert

OC1 Final Results

  1. Landon Miller
  2. Jordan Poffenberger
  3. Michael Mijuskovic
  4. Jeremy Laucs
  5. Shane Brown

K1 Junior Men Final Reults

  1. Magnus Monson
  2. Daniel Smith
  3. Walker Edens
  4. Grey Edens
  5. Mason Smith

K1 Junior Women Final Results

  1. Makinley Kate Hargrove
  2. Eleanor Knight
  3. Chloe Spears
  4. Kaydee Tennant

K1 Men Final Results

  1. Dane Jackson
  2. Mason Hargrove
  3. Hunter Katich
  4. Hayden Voorhees
  5. Bennet Smith
  6. Eric Jackson

K1 Women Final Results

  1. Darby McAdams
  2. Olivia McGinnis
  3. Emily Jackson
  4. Sage Donnelly
  5. Rachel Scheffe