COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The Kendrick Brothers from Albany, Georgia are about to release their first documentary this weekend. It’s called “Show Me the Father” and it takes an in-depth look at the critical role fathers play in our lives.

Over the past 20 years, Alex and Stephen Kendrick have produced half a dozen faith-based movies. Their last one was “Overcomer” shot in Columbus in 2018 and released in August of 2019.

Their latest film is their first documentary. Producer Stephen Kendrick says, “Using the lens of fatherhood, we have a message really for everybody. There’s so many people that were wounded or abandoned by their dads. We show inspirational redemption taking place through fatherhood stories.”

The true stories shared in this 90-minute documentary reveal some surprise endings that are charged with emotion. Kendrick says there are five different stories woven together that talk about the perfect fatherhood of God. “And the people who have been watching (the film) have been experiencing healing and encouragement. Many of them have forgiven their dads from the father wounds that they’ve had and are able to step into the future with more faith and more hope in their hearts.”

If you’re looking for strong father-figure role models, you will find them in the Christian movies produced by the Kendrick brothers. And there’s a good reason for that.

According to Alex Kendrick, “There’s a character in each of our films that was inspired by our real-life father, Larry Kendrick. Whatever stage he was in in his life, even with his health facing multiple sclerosis, there’s a character that follows that in our movies. It’s not so much that we had to do that, but we have learned so much from our dad.”

The movie roles inspired by Larry Kendrick include the father of the young place kicker in “Facing the Giants” which was released 15 years ago. Another role that showcased the character of the Kendrick brothers’ dad was the actor who portrayed Kirk Cameron’s father in the movie “Fireproof.” The Kendrick brothers’ movie “Courageous” was dedicated to challenging men to become better dads.

So it’s no wonder the Kendrick brothers decided the time had come to produce a documentary called “Show Me the Father.” It opens in movie theaters nationwide this weekend.