It’s a whole new world when it comes to learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Third graders at W.O. Lance Elementary are building and launching parachutes.

Thanks to “A World in Motion” kits from Kia, students are learning  by “doing.”

Antonio Brown says, “In a Science book, you read and learn but in STEM, you learn by making the stuff you’re learning about.”

Teacher Mary Andrews says it’s a fun, unique way to learn.

“They’re learning creative thinking, critical thinking, collecting data, hopefully learning what engineers do and scientists do.”

Just down the road, 8th graders at Lanett Junior High School are expanding their own knowledge in 
the STEM fields.

They’re flying gliders which helps to bring math into science class.

Science teacher Terrance Price says, “They’re able to measure to the 100th of a percent and also, one of the main things from a scientific standpoint was being able to identify the control in the actual activity.”

The goal is to help make sure these students are ready for their future careers.

A career which could someday lead them to the local Kia factory.

Retired teacher and Facilitator,  Becky Sands , says the skills they’re learning will help them in the future. 

“You can always take it back to what we’re doing here, to the making of the automobile.  The forces and characteristics needed.”

As these elementary and junior high school students use these hands-on activities to learn,
they’ll someday take that knowledge out of the classroom and into the real world.