LAFAYETTE, Ala. (WRBL) – A Chambers County man accused in the Capital Murder of his girlfriend’s two-year-old child in 2017, will spend Christmas with his family while awaiting trial. Thursday, a Chambers County Judge did not dismiss the Capital Murder charge against Raeshon Williams. The judge did grant Williams a new bond. 

“Mr. Williams is going to get back out today and the judge also mentioned bumping up the trial date to February. We are hoping to go to trial during that civil term. He’ll at least get to spend Christmas with his children and we believe he is 100% innocent,” said Williams’ defense attorney Zack Alsobrook.

Williams’ defense team and family say he’s sat in jail for five years for a crime he didn’t commit. However, the child’s mother says her former boyfriend is a monster.

On February 24th, 2017, two-year-old B’reeann Avery died of internal injuries. Lanett Police charged Williams, saying he was the only adult with the child when she died. Williams was the live-in boyfriend of the child’s mother, Samia Avery. 

“For me to hear the Judge give him another bond, that’s wrong. That’s a monster that killed my daughter,” said Avery.

The couple also had twins who are now in the custody of Williams’ aunt, Michelle Flakes who has advocated for her nephew’s innocence since his arrest. 

“They are not going after the right people and that is what hurts I believe my nephew is innocent. I’ve been in juvenile court for five years. I know what has been said in the juvenile court regarding the situation,” said Flakes.

Alsobrook says his client has been behind bars for the majority of the last five years despite a judge ordering a speedy trial on two occasions. This is the second bail for Williams, who violated the first bond and was placed back in custody in October. The trial was supposed to start on Halloween but was again delayed.

“The state is ready to move forward on the case and we wanted to go to trial as soon as possible,” said Chambers County Assistant District Attorney Taylor Lee Stokes.

Both sides feel B’reeann deserves justice and to rest in peace.  They worry she has been forgotten.

“Raeshon Kivontre Williams killed my daughter and justice is going to be served. They think they won today, but they didn’t. Justice gonna be served. You gonna get what’s coming to you. Give them a clap, yeah God gonna let you out for a while let you breathe a little bit of air and eat a little bit of good food, but justice will be served,” said Avery.

The case is now expected to go before a jury in February. Alsobrook says he’s ready to prove his client is innocent but worries the key medical witness for the defense is elderly and if too much more time passes this critical witness may not be able to testify for Williams. 

WRBL did reach out to Lanett Police on why they believe Williams killed his girlfriend’s daughter. However, the chief said the department could not comment pending trial.