COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — A local attorney made his initial court appearance after he was arrested and charged with smuggling drugs and cell phones into the Muscogee County Jail.

Allen Jones, 51, appeared in Columbus Municipal Court via Zoom on Friday. He pleaded not guilty to 10 counts in connection with the charges of bringing contraband into the jail.

Judge Steven Smith set Jones’ bond at $107,000 on the 10 charges. District Attorney Stacey Jackson said the inmate who was not a client of Jones is facing murder charges. After a six-minute meeting with Jones, the inmate was strip searched.

Authorities found:

  • 18-point-7 grams of cocaine (originally thought to be Methamphetamine)
  • 3 Hydrocodone tablets
  • 10 Ecstasy tablets
  • Multiple iPhones in their original plastic packaging
  • Tobacco and rolling papers.

“If he were to make bond, you know, my understanding is that unless the state bar, from either state, takes some type of action, he could still continue to practice and represent clients,” said DA Jackson.

Jones is licensed to practice law in Georgia and Alabama. He was represented in court by a public defender. In Russell County, Jones is one of the certified public defenders.