COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — On Tuesday morning, The Plummer Home men’s shelter held a luncheon to celebrate Window World donating brand new windows.

The Plummer Home is a veteran’s homeless shelter with separate facilities for men and women. According to the Plummer Home Advisor and former Commanding General of Fort Moore, the organization was created by former Chaplain Roy Plummer after noticing the large number of homeless veterans. Since then, The Plummer Home has successfully helped over five hundred veterans re-enter society.

The 100-year-old building received 16 free windows with labor included. A service that traditionally cost between $7,000 and $13,000.

Co-owner of Window World Mike Harkins who is also a veteran says they’re just trying to do their part.

“Unbelievable organization that helps homeless veterans transition off the streets into society and get benefits. Window World just doing some windows for them. We’re just trying to do our little part that this organization has already done so much,” shared Harkins. “So we’re just doing some windows and now hopefully make the place a little bit better.”

More information about The Plummer Home and how to donate can be found on their website.