COLUMBUS, Ga.- A local college student has created his own business in order to pay his college tuition.

19-year old Jaylin Hubbard, opened up his own food truck, Love at First Bite.

He’s taking classes at Columbus Technical College to get a degree in business and culinary arts.

Hubbard tells us why he wants to be a mogul in the food industry.

Hubbard said, “I sowed this seed in my life to go back to school full time. Instead of just making it a hobby I decided to go full force and make this my career and something that I do every day. I’m just now realizing that I’m living my dream and some people at my age can’t to do that. I’m blessed!”

The cost to start up love at first bite was more than 50-thousand dollars.

He originally started the business with his dad, J.B. Johnson who was a famous Columbus Promoter that passed away in February from kidney failure.

Hubbard says after his father passed away he began working at the food truck full time.

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