COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Sept. 8 is international literacy day; a holiday created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1966.

This day is dedicated to emphasizing the significance of literacy as a basic human right. This year’s theme is “promoting literacy for a world in transition: building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies.”  

WRBL spoke with Brany Tolbert, the Director of the Columbus Literacy Alliance, who provided more information on the significance of International Literacy Day.  

“It’s an opportunity for us to gather together to accelerate the power of the importance of literacy. As we all know, literacy is the foundation of life. You began learning from the time you’re in the womb from different experiences. And this just gives our community opportunity to celebrate the different education opportunities we have here in Columbus,” shared Tolbert.   

The Literacy Alliance offers an array of free learning opportunities for all ages. Adult literacy classes are available for those who would like to improve their reading comprehension skills as well as to prepare for a high school equivalency test. Literacy Alliance works within the school district to get children excited about learning to read and strengthen their basic literacy skills.

More information about the Literacy Alliance and the programs available can be found on its website.