COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Local drivers are finally seeing some relief at the pump, after months of sky rocketing gas prices.

According to AAA, the average gas prices here in Georgia are down nearly 11% compared to the national average. Even better news, several gas stations across Columbus are sitting right around $3.80 per gallon.

To combat inflation, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp suspended the state’s gas tax back in March. AAA states that today Georgia’s state average is $4.23 per gallon.

Muscogee County is on the lower end of the state and national average sitting at $4.01. Some stations across the city have dipped below that.

Folks need to take advantage of these low prices. Once this gas tax suspension is up in August, we could see prices go back up.

Georgia’s fuel tax accounts for about 29-cents per gallon. The tax holiday has been extended twice since March.

There is no gas tax holiday in Alabama, where the average gas prices are sitting a bit higher at $4.31 per gallon.