With Mother’s Day right around the corner, one local company celebrated a LaGrange woman in a special way. For Mother’s Day, Air Force Heating and Air in LaGrange set out to honor Mother’s by gifting an A/C unit to a mother in need. The Lucky winner was Michelle Moore,a devoted mother, grandmother, and recent winner of the new A/C Unit.

Michelle volunteers regularly at her children’s and grandson’s schools and has helped organize her local recreational baseball league for several years. She also regularly donates to charitable organizations that serve the LaGrange community.

Moore is the proud single mother of two and grandmother of 1. She built her house from the ground up. Her previous A/C unit was nearing the end of its life after running for nearly 20 years.

“I’ve just taken it day by day and did everything I could do. I knew the AC unit was about to go out, but I was trying to keep it alive for as long as I possibly could. Someone nominated me for a new AC unit. And I’m so thankful,”said Moore. 

Moore’s daughter, Kristen Moore nominated her mother for the drawing after recognizing a need who wrote, “She has been more than I could imagine in the past year and works so hard for my brother to go to college. My mom is the most deserving woman in the world, and this would take a huge weight off her shoulders.”

The Air Force team in LaGrange was touched by Michelle’s story and this was their special way of saying “thank you” to her for all that she does.

“ Well, mothers are impactful in so many ways, and at the very essence of who they are is they kind of teach us our core values and kind of help develop us into, you know, the people that we are. Right. So my staff owe everything to their mothers. And they’re always talking about how mom has what mom means to them. And we just thought in a world where there are so many mothers who are struggling and who are in need, what a better way to honor that than to give them a free AC unit where they,” said general manager Bandon Adams.