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"Grinch" daycare worker fired in Auburn after posting Snapchat video of scared children

AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) - A worker at a daycare in Auburn has been fired. The Department of Human Resources has been notified, and parents are outraged after their caregiver uploads a video showing young children being terrified by a picture of "The Grinch" portrayed by Jim Carrey.

The video shows several 3-year-old children crying and screaming after being shown an image of Jim Carrey's "The Grinch." The video was uploaded to Snapchat by a caregiver at Miss Deanna's Childcare Center along East University Drive in Auburn.

The caregiver, who's been fired, used "CRYING" as the Snapchat video's caption.

The video shows several upset kids pushing the phone away not wanting to see the image. Still, you can hear the caregiver laughing and encouraging the child to show "The Grinch" to more children.  

Tuesday night, parents contacted News 3 after the video surfaced on Facebook.  Parents did not want to do on-camera interviews but say they're distressed for several reasons. Parents are first upset a caregiver would intentionally scare their children and think it's funny.  Parents are concerned a caregiver would upload a video of their children, without their permission, to her personal Snapchat page. Finally, parents are upset the owner of Miss. Deanna's failed to alert them to the situation. Parents say they were only made aware of the "Grinch" incident when a third party posted the video on Facebook Tuesday night. The video has since been deleted.

Nicole Rice, who owns Miss. Deanna's along East University, claims she didn't see the Snapchat video when she says it was first posted about 4-months ago. She did not wish to speak on camera with News 3. However, she did send a statement saying the video was quickly deleted after it was posted and she found out about it.

"This matter surfaced approximately four months ago. It was an unfortunate situation where several 3-year-old children were shown a picture of the Dr. Seuss character, the Grinch, by another 3-year-old.  A daycare employee videoed it and placed it on Snapchat, where it was deleted almost immediately, and I was unable to view it at the time. I disciplined my employee immediately upon learning of it.   The matter was resolved until recently when a third party posted the video on Facebook.  Once I was able to view the video yesterday, the employee involved is no longer employed at our center. Had I been able to view the video when it originally occurred, to see what exactly happened, parents would have been notified and the employee would have been terminated at that time," Rice said in her statement.

Other daycare workers were apparently in the room when the video was taken, and at least one parent believes they should be fired too.

"We appreciate the coverage of this issue where we can ensure the true facts of this incident are disclosed to the public.  Our ultimate concern is always the safety, well-being, and happiness of the children in our care," said Rice.

Rice says after she saw the video Tuesday night, she decided to report the incident to The Department of Human Resources for them to look into. News 3 will keep you updated on this developing story.


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