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11-year-old dance phenom hoping to reach dreams in NYC

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- One Columbus mother is working to help her 11-year-old dance phenom participate in a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In honor of Mother's Day, she wants to share that wish with the world.

In a story you'll see only on News 3, WRBL's Ashley Lewis explains why this mother won't stop until her son gets to perform in the city that never sleeps.

Kefauver Wilson, Jr. is an 11-year-old lover of dance and he's won numerous dance competitions across the nation.

He's recently been selected to be part of "Be Discovered", an intense summer program for dancers, but his mom says the only problem is he needs more than $5,000 to make that dream happen.

Kefauver wants the world to know that dance is his true love and despite the lack of male dancers in the valley he hopes to inspire other males to follow his footsteps on center stage.

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