COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The annual Bi-City Christmas Parade will return to Phenix City and Columbus on Dec. 3, starting at 10 a.m., for a morning of holiday-themed fun.

Holli Browder is the director of the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department, which is in charge of the event. She estimated that there will be about 175 entries in the parade but said entries are still being processed.

“We’re hopeful that we can get around the 200, 200 plus mark,” she said. “If we can get over a 200 mark, we’ll be close to breaking a record that we set years ago. We set the record at 206. And that particular year, we were the largest parade in the state of Alabama.”

There will be significantly more people in the parade than entries, as each entry can represent any number of people.

“It varies because of what the entries might be,” Browder said. “So it could be an antique vehicle, it could be a professional float, it could be a commercial and industrial float, a church float. It could be a fire truck, it could be the Shriners, it could be motorcycles. It could be any number of those things I just listed out.”

The parade will begin on the corner of Dillingham Street and Broad Street in Phenix City. It will go down Broad Street and turn right onto 13th Street, going over the 13th Street bridge. It will then go down Broadway to 9th Street in Columbus. Floats will continue to the Columbus Civic Center parking lot.

Browder said a lot of people like to watch the parade from street corners along the route. She said Ms. Alabama and Ms. Georgia will probably be in the parade, along with bands from both cities. Santa Claus will participate.

“This is an annual event that from what I know stated back in at least the 40s, if not sooner,” Browder said. “The parade has been held at different days of the week, different times. It’s been held in its current format for at least the last 25 years.”