06/19/17 5:46 p.m. — Sheriff Jay Jones says three people have been arrested and charged with one count of endangering welfare of a child.

The three arrested Monday afternoon were, 45-year-old Cynthia Duman, 66-year-old Mary Parette and 26-year-old Jennifer Parette.

News 3 obtained a police report of the incident. After the deputy met with Zimmerman to hear her story,  the report says he went to the home where the incident occurred, because he was worried about any other children who may have been in the home.

When he arrived, he writes he found five other children ranging from newborn to five years old. The report says children were often watched four to eight a hours a day, and Duman received payment of services from the parents for watching the children.

After meeting with he owner, the deputy began to believe that this day was not the first time the child had been locked in the closet. When he asked to see the closet, the report noted it was cluttered, very warm with no air conditioning vents.

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones says the observations were concerning and lined up with endangering the welfare of a child.

“Certainly, placing a 22-month-old, 21-month-old child in car seat in a dark closet, which had a lack of ventilation, that’s of grave concern to us as it should be to anyone,” Sheriff Jones says.

The report says Duman was unable to produce a valid Lee County Business License, and according to the Department of Human Resources, the facility did not have a permit to serve as a small daycare.

Nell Finley, a case manager for the Child Care Resource Center, says all at home daycares must be licensed through DHR and have a business license. She urges parents to do their homework when seeking out a daycare. Parents are urged to ask if the facility is licensed, the experience of the provider and numerous other questions.

“It’s very crucial for parents to feel comfortable on their jobs when they leave their children,” Finley says. “It is very important for parents to know their children are left in a safe environment that they don’t have to worry about their children while on their jobs, away at school or whatever causes them to be away from their children.”

If you would like more resources for child care resources, you are asked to visit http://childcarecenter.us/


PHENIX CITY, Ala. — It’s something no parent ever expects to see when they pick up their son from school or daycare.

Now Sydney Zimmerman is looking for answers after finding her child locked in a closet buckled up in a car seat.

Zimmerman says she’s furious after finding her child locked in a closet when she went to pick him up from daycare.

“We go into the left which is Cindy’s bedroom and than she goes to the closet opens the door and Slade is strapped in a car seat, crying, red face,” she says.

Zimmerman believes the daycare owner has locked up her son Slade more than once.

“Without even going inside and talking to Mary she immediately responds well sometimes he’s hard to get to sleep.So that right there tells me this is not a one time occurrence,” Zimmerman tells a News 3 reporter.

Zimmerman is now planning to take further legal action.

“She said I understand you’re mad, I said no I don’t think you understand but what I don’t understand is how can think any of this is okay,” she says angrily.

Zimmerman is happy she showed up at the right time.

“There was no air vent in there so if the door was shut he’s in there he’s already crying he’s already screaming which raises their body temp he’s strapped in a car seat which is confining him and than he’s in a closet with no air ventilation he could’ve over heated and died,” she says.