LEE COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) — It’s tough going without a place to call your own. Thanks to more than 300 volunteers from around the world, 11 Lee County families will finally know the meaning of home for the first time in seven months.

East Alabama Medical Center, The Fuller Center for Housing, and Providence Baptist Church rallied the troops – some from as far away as El Salvador, Peru, and even England – to continue the Legacy Build program for March 3 tornado victims who lost everything.

Susanne Polk hugs Fuller Center for Housing President David Snell on the site of her future home.

“It’s so beautiful, thank you,” Susanne Polk, one of the future home recipients, said tearfully while hugging volunteers.

Polk and her husband are volunteer firefighters who were out doing what they could to help others during the March 3 tornadoes. When they got back to where their home had been, there was nothing left.

Polk says to see something standing there now is a beautiful sight.

“I’m truly blessed. Truly blessed. I hope God blesses these people as they have blessed me,” she tells News 3’s Mikhaela Singleton.

Organizers say the support for the Lee County community hasn’t stopped for one day since the storms.

“I think the fact that this was such a tragic situation and the people who lost their homes were so in need, it tugs at the heartstrings,” explains Fuller Center for Housing President David Snell. “One thing I enjoy most about the work I do, is that I get to spend time with good hearted, decent folks. There’s more of them than you think, you just don’t hear about them as much, but there here and they’ve come out.”

Eight future homes in Beauregard and three in Opelika are set to be finished and ready for move in by Friday. Just in time for one of the things Polk says she’s been missing the most.

“It’ll be wonderful! Sunday dinners after church with my kids, and you know just family time,” Polk says.

Volunteers are always needed, especially to have the homes done in just a few days. Learn more about volunteering for the Fuller Center for Housing Legacy Build here.