AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – A family full of nurses and Auburn University graduates are desperately searching for nursing pin their 81-year-old grandmother was wearing while watching her granddaughter graduate from Auburn University’s Nursing School. They hope the public and the power of social media can help them locate the 62-year-old pin and family heirloom that fell from the grandmother’s shirt and hasn’t been seen since May 6, 2022.

Nancy Jones and her husband are both Auburn alums and were in town the first weekend of May to see their daughter graduate from AU’s College of Nursing.  Nancy’s 81-year-old mother was with them, who also graduated as a nurse from Emory in Atlanta, Georgia. 

When nurses graduate, they have a pinning ceremony, and the grandmother wore her pin from 62 years ago to take pictures with her granddaughter on May 6th. 

Unfortunately, sometime in the next two hours, the grandmother’s Emory Nursing Pin came off her shirt. 

When the family realized it was gone, they backtracked everywhere, to where they’d taken pictures, to the parking lot, to the restaurant where they ate lunch, and to the few stores they went to downtown. The family hopes someone has it and can return it if they understand how special the pin is to this family. The grandmother is very sad it’s missing. 

If you see the pin or have any information on where it may be – please let the Auburn police department know or turn it into the AU nursing school. You can also reach out to WRBL’s Elizabeth White on her Facebook page, and she can get you in touch with the family. 

This family would be eternally grateful.