A local outreach ranch plans to host Operation Song to help veterans through difficult times

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Veterans battling post traumatic stress disorder and other stressors can put their experiences and emotions to song in therapeutic sessions that include song writing.
Tim Maggart wrote this song for his friend, Samuel Rhodes, a man who has dedicated his life to helping veterans and their families through his Warrior Outreach center in Fortson. Maggart says when he spoke with the families, they all say that Rhodes is more than a warrior to them.

“Several people told me that it meant they were still alive,” Maggart said.

Rhodes says when Maggart asked him what he wants the song to be about, he said he wanted the veterans and their families to know that he is in this fight with them. 

“I just want them to know that within the last second before they put that gun in their mouth before they think about hanging them self, before they think about overdosing they are more than a warrior and they’re very important to me in my life,” Rhodes said. 

Maggart partnered with another songwriter and the song “More than a Warrior” was preformed at Operation Song. Operation Song retreats are held throughout the U.S. and serve as a therapeutic tool for veterans and their families.

Operation song features hit songwriters that have created songs for veterans and their families that may be struggling.

Maggart joined the military as a private and ended as a captain. After the military, Maggart says he was never asked to go to combat but was inspired to start writing songs for those on the front line.

“I have friends that have friends that have ten to eleven combat tours and it’s sort of my way to give back and thank them,” Maggart said. 

This is the sixth year Warrior Outreach ranch will be hosting Operation Song. Rhodes says afterwards, veterans will feel as if they are more than a warrior.

“It just makes them understand that yea we have a hard time sleeping at night but we have a reason too and we’re just human anybody that’s just human would have that,” Rhodes said.

Veterans and their families will meet one day with songwriters to write the songs and the next day they will perform them. 

Operation Song will start March 15th. For more information, check out the flyer below. 

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