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A Mother in Mourning: 'Glamorizing crimes, guns and violence has got to stop'

AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) - The mother of the 20-year-old Tuskegee man who was shot and killed Sunday morning near near an Auburn McDonald's is sharing her powerful words with News 3 about the life of her son and her wish for today's youth.

The family of 20-year old Evan Wilson said he had a larger than life personality with a big smile and confidence to match. Friday, News 3 drove to Montgomery to sit down with Evan's mom, Erika Wilson. The powerful words she shared with us, we won't soon forget.

"At that moment, all I could think is no, not Evan. Not my Evan," Erika Wilson is dealing with the worst pain any parent can fathom, the death of a child.

"I can't recall a time when Evan wasn't smiling. If you saw Evan, he had that big smile," she said.

Evan, known as King Evan to those who loved him was a wonderful son, brother and devoted uncle to his young niece.

"How do you explain to a 3-year-old. There are no words for trying to explain to  Evan's nice she won't see her King Evan again," said Wilson.

Sunday morning, Wilson was killed and four others injured in a shooting near the McDonald's on Magnolia Avenue. Hours later, a 17-year-old from Opelika was arrested and charged in his murder. Police have not released a motive for the deadly shooting.

"I don't hate him. I am honestly feeling nothing for him. I am not going to waste my energy thinking about him because police have taken care of it, they have done their due diligence," said Wilson.

Wilson believes today's youth are walking along a deadly road, where violence is glorified, and guns are too easy to obtain. She says parenting is harder than ever and some parents blur the line between loving their children and holding them accountable.  

"My son said to me one time, how could a parent turn their own son in. I said, this parent. This parent right here," she said.

Wilson says her son had gotten into some trouble, the most being a minor marijuana charge. She says he was getting back to school and would have never harmed anyone. She doesn't understand what the argument was about.

She wants today's youth to realize you can recover from a lot of things. However, once you pull a trigger and take a life, there is no turning back. She says gun violence has shattered her family. She says those who choose to act out in violence need to remember their families will suffer too.

"Justice has to be served, and I don't care what people say, nobody likes jail.  The glamorizing of committing crimes of carrying a gun has got to stop.  Having a gun is not powerful,  it's the end.  I don't think they get it.  Yea, you pulled the trigger on your own - but you aren't doing the suffering by yourself your family will be in bondage too," Wilson said.

Wilson is thanking the Auburn police department for a quick arrest, saying it allows her to focus on mourning her son. She believes Evan's death will not be in vain and is waiting for God to reveal His purpose.



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