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ACLU reps meet Columbus concerned citizens to promote smart justice reform

     While meeting with concerned citizens of the city they mentioned there are roughly 90 thousand inmates across the peach state most of them serving terms for small crimes .
     Instead of saying the inmates are being held in jail ACLU reps say they're being locked up in cages.
 "You're a human being... what do you see in cages? You normally see animals, chickens other things that are not into the nature of what a hunan should go through."- says chris Bruce, Georgia American Civil Liberties Union. 
     So how exactly  is the Georgia ACLU promoting smart justice reform?
 "It's not such an insult towards the police or law enforcement community. It is a perspective of how we should start treating people. So when they do come out of cages... they know how to act instead of being animals or anything else."- says Bruce.
     A former inmate was among the concerned citizens during the ACLU discussion addressing his concern.
"It took me six months to see a public defender. I wrote and wrote but they have a law library. They should maybe have somebody come in, research your case and help defend yourself.. then you understand your case better."- says George Humphries, a former inmate at the Muscogee County Jail.
     Marshal Greg Countryman says, as part of smart justice reform the youth crime in Columbus needs to be addressed.
"If we had other options we could give them instead of sending them home (from school) send an officer or someone to work with them within the school system..as opposed to suspending them and taking days from them."- says Marshal Countryman.

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