Following a massive manhunt in response to three Auburn Police officers shot while responding to a domestic call, fundraisers were created to aid families and recovery efforts for the two surviving officers and the family of slain officer William Buechner.

The shooting, by accused Grady Wayne Wilkes, left Officer Buechner dead, and Officers Webb Sistrunk and Evan Elliott injured.

While both surviving officers are expected to make a full recovery, Sistrunk, an officer working with the K9 unit, was more heavily injured. To aid the families in caring for their loved ones, and in Buechner’s case, covering funeral costs, several GoFundMe pages have been set up to receive donations on their behalfs.

To cover the cost for funeral arrangements and to care for his wife and children, Buechner’s family has a GoFundMe page. So far, the Buechner Memorial Fund has already received three times its goal, hitting almost $31,000 with a goal of $10,000.

The Sistrunk family’s GoFundMe, Prayers for Officer Webb Sistrunk, has received more than $8,000 so far to go towards funding that will aid him and his family. Sistrunk will “continue to undergo a number of medical procedures going forward.” The GoFundMe page for the eight year police veteran “will help fund medical and living expenses that exceed the present resources.”

Office Elliott also has a GoFundMe to aid in medical and recovery costs for his injuries in the shooting. Recovery for Officer Evan Elliott has raised more than $700 so far, as community members donate to aid in his recuperation.