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Alabama prisons facing staff, funding shortages.

MONTGOMERY, Ala (WRBL) - Times are hard for correctional officers in Alabama. 

Staffing in the state prisons is at an all-time low, according to the department of corrections. 
The department believes more funding could help solve the problem. 

This week, the department will present its budget request to the state legislature. This year, they're asking for pay raises for guards inside the prisons. 

"We had an employee that was murdered in 2016. A corrections officer was murdered because of a facility lacked staff and we believe that if we bring more staff, then we can increase the safety," says Alabama DOC Commissioner Jeff Dunn. 

The commissioner says he is pushing to have new prisons built in Alabama.  

 Governor Kay Ivey said in her Inaugural address the state must address problems with its prison system.  
        Plans are underway to replace three overcrowded prisons with new facilities; however, building plans are in the early stages.  

The news of the state prisons being understaffed falls on the heels of a convicted sex trafficker serving a life sentence escaping from a maximum security prison in Alabama. 

Thankfully, Corey Davis, 30, was re-captured this weekend in Kentucky. There's no official word if staff shortage had a part to play in Davis's escaped. 

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