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Alabama Troopers: One second can save your life

LEE COUNTY, Ala (WRBL) -   Alabama State Troopers are encouraging us all to make a split second decision that can save our lives.
"I'm not debating seatbelts save lives; I am telling you it does 110%. It prevents injuries and deaths along the highways," said Corporal Jess Thornton, with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency
The images are enough to make your stomach drop. Twisted metal and shattered glass, the violent result of a rollover accident back in April in Valley. Candace Roller shared the pictures of her crash with News 3 to save lives. Roller says first responders expected to recover bodies from the wreckage. However, Roller and two friends survived with minor injuries because they were wearing their seatbelts.

"I have worked car crashes with major damage where you thought for sure someone has been injured or killed and they walk away from being seat belted in. I have worked crashes that didn't seem significant, and you pull up and think it's no big deal, but someone has been ejected and killed because they were not wearing their seat belt," said Thornton.

For many of us, the decision to buckle up is automatic. Children learn from their parents, grandparents and other caregivers. If caregivers buckle up, children are more inclined to buckle up too.  
"So far in 2018, we have worked 228 fatal crashes.  Out of those 228 crashes, 60% of victims killed were not wearing their seatbelts. We see it year end and year out. If we could get 100% compliance then those deaths would go way down, and they would stay down," said Thornton.
Travel on roadways always increases during the summer. Trooper Thornton is begging drivers to buckle up and make sure their passengers are too.   


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