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ALEA offers a sobering reminder to drivers

LEE COUNTY, Ala (WRBL) - The Alabama Department of Law Enforcement offers a sobering reminder of the importance of following the law to stay safe while traveling highways. 

"Twenty-one people lost their lives during the 2018 travel period. That's two less than the 23 people killed during the 2017 holiday period," says Corporal Jess Thornton.

It's not so much the holiday accidents totals we need to focus on; its the importance of seatbelt use. 
       Only one-third of those who died were wearing seatbelts. Of the 21 people killed this past holiday season in Alabama, ALEA says 7 of those killed were wearing seatbelts. 

" If we had one-hundred percent compliance with the seatbelt law statewide, we would see our traffic fatalities go down about 30-40 percent," says Corporal Jess Thorton.    

A 2018 study published by the University of Alabama found that people who do not wear seatbelts are 40 times more likely to die in car wrecks. The same study says only 1 in 1,000 dies in car crashes who use seatbelts.

The study says if all backseat passengers buckled up, an estimated 62 lives per year could be saved in Alabama.  

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