Allison Whiddon’s family continues their search for justice

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The family of a missing Panama City Beach, Florida, woman continues to look for answers in her mysterious disappearance.  44-year-old Allison Whiddon vanished in April 2015. As the two year anniversary of the painful event draws near, her family reflects on their journey for justice and answers.

Ronda Culpepper clings to precious memories, the good times she shared with her baby sister, Allison.

“I helped raise her and Reggie.  And they’re more like my children instead of my brother and sister,” Culpepper says.

She remembers fondly a particularly happy time she spent with Allison.

“Allison came and spent a week with me when I lived in Tuscaloosa. That was the best week,” Culpepper remembers. “And I still hold on to that memory. I still think of her, of when she was up there a week with me.”

In April 2015, Allison disappeared from Panama City Beach, where she lived and worked as an accountant.  Police found her clothing and wallet gone. But none of Allison’s other items were missing.  Since her disappearance, the family says none of her bank accounts have been active and no trace of her has been found. 

Her big brother Reggie Whiddon admits as the two-year anniversary looms, his profound grief has now merged with anger.

“Sometimes, I have to back-off. I have to back-off and get away from the situation. It’s hard,” says Reggie.

What makes this horrible situation all the worse for the family is they say a suspect in the case confessed to murdering Allison.  But that confession, they say, was not to police. Instead, friends of Allison secretly recorded the confession without the alleged suspect’s knowledge. Since Florida, where Allison disappeared and where the conversation was recorded requires that each party of a conversation know it’s being taped in order for the recording to be legally obtained, family say police cannot use the confession in pursuing a case against anyone.

“I guess when I think of where we are,” says Reggie, “I get scared. I am. I’m scared that this man is going to completely get away with it, and my sister will never be found.”

“I have hope. I guess I’ll hang onto a little hope,” says Culpepper,”until we have a body, or either a confession.”

The family hopes that someone will come forward and provide a needed break in the case.

“You know you see stuff like this on TV, you see stories, and you think, ‘Well, maybe I have an idea of what it would be like,’ but you don’t. I promise you, you don’t,” says Reggie.

If you have any information about Allison Whiddon, please call the Bay County Sheriff’s Office at 850-474-4700. Anonymous tips can be submitted to Panhandle Crime Stoppers.

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