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Apparent moonshine operation worth $10,000 gets discovered in Eufaula; ALEA investigates

EUFAULA, Ala (WRBL) - Tuesday, The Eufaula Police Department revealed an apparent moonshine operation had been discovered on Van Henry Lane Monday. They say the operation was worth about ten $10,000.

"Several 55 gallon barrels. I think it was about 36 to be exact."- says Sgt. Donald Brown, Eufaula Police Department.

 "I always knew people made moonshine. "- says Willis Upshaw, a Eufaula resident.

He says, though some may believe making moonshine is a thing of the past, it's not that uncommon of an activity.

"To tell yall the truth..ain't no need to hide it. I have made it. But that was waaaaayy back in the years. I done messed around and got too old to run. I ain't finna get caught out there in them bushes."- says Upshaw.

Police say when it comes to the operation discovered on Van Henry Lane Monday the barrels being used could've produced about $7500 on each run.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency has since stepped in now heading up the investigation.

"I think agents from ALEA instructed them to destroy it or just sit there and wait and see if anybody else was gonna show up and they eventually destroyed the distillery."- says Sgt. Brown.

When it comes to Upshaw, The Eufaula resident, he wanted to explain why he chose to give up his former moonshine lifestyle.

"I'm 77 years old and diabetic. I ain't doin nothin. So you put that lifestyle behind you? Oh all das gon nah... BEEN GONE!  "- says Upshaw.

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