Auburn community remembers longtime sportscaster Rod Bramblett

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The Auburn community is left stunned and heartbroken after learning the passing of Rod Bramblett, along with his wife Paula. 

On Saturday evening, their lives were cut short at the intersection of Shug Jordan Parkway and West Samford Avenue, after being involved in a vehicle collision.

“I love Rod Bramblett, he really changed the way I felt about him and the Auburn program when he had the “Kick Six” call, and he really endeared himself to me and the Auburn family,” says Steven Holloman, Rod Bramblett fan. 

Rod Bramblett was known as “The Voice of Auburn” while broadcasting sport plays for the Auburn Tigers. 

“It’s an awful situation, you never want to see anyone get injured or anything happen to anyone, especially someone who is beloved as he is,” says Marcus Ogletree, Rod Bramblett fan.

Auburn EMS, fire and police responders were called out to the scene. Unfortunately, Rod’s wife, Paula, died at the hospital. Hours later, Rod died of his injuries. 

“You get that phone call and you are just in shock for anybody, so I’m sorrowful for Auburn,” says Shari Henderson, Rod Bramblett fan.

“I lost my father when I was 19-years-old to a vehicle accident and it’s just a tough situation,” says Holloman.

Fans, cannot describe how they feel about the dreadful news. The Auburn legend may be gone, but fans will remember his prominent voice in their hearts, forever. 

UPDATE: 5/27/2019

Auburn University has announced visitation for Rod and Paula Bramblett will take place this Thursday at AU’s Arena starting at noon. A memorial service will follow at 2 p.m. To make a donation to the Bramblett children, click here

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